Bolton ~ sleaze or target?

Dear President Trump,

I may well have missed it – I don’t spend THAT much time reading the news and it does turn over quickly enough that if one isn’t constantly scanning sources it would be fairly easily for things to slip under an individual’s radar. But this thing that I might have missed seems like it should be on constant repeat right now. What is this thing I’m referring to? Well, no surprise, I’m happy to tell you – it ‘s the question “Why isn’t anyone commenting on why the f*ck is Bolton coming out with a book that is apparently chockfull of damning information about you rather than having testified before the House when he was first asked or better yet, having been a whistle blower himself?” Seriously, how is it that we are so caught up with whether four “brave” GOP Senators are willing to vote in favor of witnesses testifying in your removal trial and we aren’t asking why we aren’t done with this whole mess already as we could have, should have been if Bolton (or any number of other people) had stepped up and done the right thing rather than spin soiled hay into a sordid tale for sale?

Yes, I get that the pressing question now is whether your legal team can sing “la, la, la, la” loud enough to drown out rationale thought and thus somehow prevail in achieving a grim acquittal that avoids the landmines associated with witness testimony. But still, why isn’t anyone pointing out the sick deal that Bolton seems to have made with some devil in publishing (as in the people who agreed to publish and promote the book are complicit in all this too and clearly serving their bottom lines rather than anything nominally representing the greater good)?

Just now as I was thinking of a title for this letter (for my blog, not for your contact page) and toying with “Self-serving sleaze” as a possibility, it occurred to me that there is one possible redeeming reason that Bolton might be doing it all this way. What if you’ve been threatening him or his family with harm and coming out with a concrete product, as in a book (and leaking said book) was the only way to both guarantee that the information gets out into the public sphere and to make a big enough splash that if anything were to happen to him or to anyone he loves, all eyes would be on you?

Of course I have no idea whether there are any specks of truth in this concoction, but it’s the most charitable thing I can come up with for Bolton. It obviously paints you in an even worse light, but I’m not worried at all about that and have no doubt (only belief) that you would be more than happy to terrorize someone like this if you thought it would help you. I mean, this is your M.O. – you skate right up to the line so you keep just enough plausible deniability going, but you clearly threatened Ambassador Yovanovitch and Representative Schiff to name but a couple of your recent targets. Sadly, though, it’s still more realistic that Bolton was primarily focused on making boatloads of money from the book (due out in March, of all times) rather than on coming forward with what he knows in an ethical and principled way.

What do you think? Is Mitch going to get real and cave under the mounting pressure to introduce witnesses and documents into the trial proceedings? If so, will it be a tiny gaggle of four GOP Senators who side with the Democrats so that the rest of the Republican flock can take cover and remain cleaved unto you? Is that going to be the bargain? What are you doing there behind the scenes? What sticks and what carrots are you promising whom? I realize we’ll likely never know the details of all those machinations, but I suppose we’ll see soon enough how this all plays out on the Senate floor and on the airwaves.

May we be safe from self-serving sleazes.
May we be happy not to buy books from said sleazes.
May our public servants step up and serve in ways that are healthy for the Republic.
May we stop supporting violent regimes, including our own.

Tracy Simpson

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