Why him?

To: The Handy Dandy Tool Yesterday I, along with countless far better informed and more articulate journalists, wondered aloud whether all the signs and portents emanating (spewing, really) from your administration and the GOP power-pack indicate that a coup is neigh. Indeed, for all the world it looks as though you all have pushed and … Continue reading Why him?

God save the data! Or else.

President* Trump, It took me three days, but last night I finally made it all the way through the HP’s long (long) report on the myriad ways your administration has undermined, thwarted, hacked, misrepresented, and disappeared, the data that the US government needs to do its jobs properly (https://highline.huffingtonpost.com/article/disappearing-data/index.html#credits). It was a huge effort (5 … Continue reading God save the data! Or else.

No COVID protections and yet another quid pro quo

President* Trump, Now maybe Katie Shepherd (WP) isn’t relaying the following quote sufficiently and the White House spokesperson didn’t really indicate that a non-sentient entity (i.e., the White House) was being charged with keeping the POTUS, his family, and the WH staff safe, but I’m betting she did the best the could with what she … Continue reading No COVID protections and yet another quid pro quo