Something of a treatise on guns

Dear President Trump, Since the Parkland “March for Our Lives” students unveiled their A Peace Plan for a Safer America, NPR has run a bunch of stories about gun control They’ve provided dutifully “balanced” coverage with pretty much equal airtime afforded gun control advocates and opponents, which personally, feels about as sensible as giving climate … Continue reading Something of a treatise on guns

The numbing down of America

Dear President Trump, Apparently you didn’t get the memo, or the Constitutional law lesson (duh), that it’s not ok for US Presidents to “joke” about cancelling elections. You also apparently don’t know (yeah, right) that elected officials aren’t supposed to turn official gatherings, addresses, or meetings into campaign events. You’re like a child who’s constantly … Continue reading The numbing down of America

Racist menace

Dear President Trump, All day today I’ve been thinking about Ilhan Omar, wondering how she’s holding up, wondering how her children and her parents are holding up. They’re almost certainly all very stressed and worried for her safety, and likely their own as well. I feel stressed and worried for her safety and for the … Continue reading Racist menace