Hello and Welcome

From the beginning of his presidency, Donald Trump has been the most difficult person in my life. On February 13, 2017 I began sending him a message with a loving-kindness blessing every day via the White House contact page. Starting with the February 20th message all of the letters are reproduced here, and I plan … Continue reading Hello and Welcome

Vantage points

Dear President Trump, This morning Laura and I took the dogs down to Magnuson Park. I’ve told you about this place before since it’s one of our favorite go-to spots. Just to refresh your non-memory though, it was a Naval Air Station during WWII that was decommissioned for years and now has been transformed back … Continue reading Vantage points

The numbing down of America

Dear President Trump, Apparently you didn’t get the memo, or the Constitutional law lesson (duh), that it’s not ok for US Presidents to “joke” about cancelling elections. You also apparently don’t know (yeah, right) that elected officials aren’t supposed to turn official gatherings, addresses, or meetings into campaign events. You’re like a child who’s constantly … Continue reading The numbing down of America

“Internalized Racial Superiority;” the other IRS

Dear President Trump, Yesterday I mentioned my penchant for getting persnickety about people’s word choices and I need to add here that I’m also fond of picking apart other's arguments. I do this with everyone, but definitely find myself doing it more with people of color and with other white women. Essentially, I’m more critical … Continue reading “Internalized Racial Superiority;” the other IRS