Hello and Welcome

From the beginning of his presidency, Donald Trump has been the most difficult person in my life. On February 13, 2017 I began sending him a message with a loving-kindness blessing every day via the White House contact page. Starting with the February 20th message all of the letters are reproduced here, and I plan … Continue reading Hello and Welcome

High Alert

Dear President Trump, We did one more writing exercise in the Saturday allyship class. It was to write a first person poem from the perspective of someone we conjured whose life is directly affected by the ‘ism we chose to write a letter to in the previous exercise (see 8/13/18 letter). Several of us read … Continue reading High Alert

Crowd fillers

Dear President Trump, Remember how last February after the MSD mass shooting there were claims that the survivors who were speaking out about gun violence were crisis actors, that they weren’t really students who witnessed the murder of 17 people from their school community? Do you remember when those claims started burbling up to discredit … Continue reading Crowd fillers