Some of us are patently not taking the high road

Dear President Trump, Among the things that saddened me so much yesterday was having read the WP article about Christopher Blair, a liberal blogger who started a Facebook site called “America’s Last Line of Defense.” Apparently there are numerous disclaimers on it, including “nothing on this page is real,” and yet it has about 6 … Continue reading Some of us are patently not taking the high road


Dear President Trump, This morning in church the lectionary (Mark 13:1-8) was about Jesus foretelling the fall of an idolized and idealized 1,000 year-old temple. He warned that there would be much additional disruption and chaos, but told his disciples not to worry because this is just the beginning of the birthpangs. It wasn’t Revelations … Continue reading Birthpangs

Putting off a necessary reckoning

Dear President Trump, It’s only been three days since the election, but you’ve busted out of the gates in true Trump-style. You’ve sacked Sessions, illegally installed a right-wingnut ass-licker in his place, pulled Acosta’s hard press pass and threatened to pull more, attempted to meddle in Florida’s elections, and acted like a total bratty bully. … Continue reading Putting off a necessary reckoning