A saint-like person and a flat-out liar

Dear President Trump, I’m on the way back to Atlanta this morning for our brother-in-law’s (BIL’s) memorial service Friday. Laura’s first day back to school is today so she’s taking a red-eye tomorrow night. She’ll arrive in town (hopefully) six hours before the service. She’ll be toast, but this was really the best option given … Continue reading A saint-like person and a flat-out liar

Tick tock

Dear President Trump, We’re in Santa Barbara getting our daughter settled in at college this weekend. It’s been a long emotional couple of days. Fortunately, she got to move in this afternoon and is mostly unpacked, but she’s going to stay with us tonight and so we’re bracing ourselves for when we drop her off … Continue reading Tick tock

Go team!

Dear President Trump, This evening we had a little dinner party so that our daughter’s birth mother and grandmother could say goodbye to her before she leaves for college on Friday. Our best friend came over too (she was our emergency contact for years and years so it was only fitting that she got to … Continue reading Go team!