A Thanksgiving acrostic

To: The One Who Is Finally Inching Closer To Accepting His Reality

For some reason our wifi isn’t cooperating so I can’t open the WP article about how you’ve finally (finally) said that if the Electoral College vote goes for Biden (what planet are you on that there’s an if here?), you’ll deign to leave the White House on 1/20/21. Fortunately, I think the headline probably says all I need to know right now. This isn’t exactly a concession, but at least you seem to have arrived at the edge of the parking lot and are maybe heading into the ballpark now. You’re never going to hit a homerun when it comes to making a graceful, magnanimous exit and that’s ok – it would actually spoil the story if you were to suddenly start acting all mature and grownup about this whole deal. So you just keep doing you and as long as you don’t get trigger happy, we’ll muddle through the next 55 days and make it to the other side.

This is going to be a short note since I’m pretty tired from cooking and am at the tail end of a migraine. I caught it in time so it didn’t get too bad, but I’m still wrung out and want to call it a day pretty soon here. Before I sign off, though, I am going to satisfy my own immature hankering and will send you one of those vertical word “poems” (the fancy name is an acrostic) that elementary school teachers have their students do to fill time around holidays when everyone’s super antsy. I don’t know why such a thing popped into my head, but it did and I’m 99% certain that if I don’t scratch this itch, it’s going to keep me awake, which would be a major, major drag. So here you go (the theme is things I’m grateful for that I want us all to have and/or take care of):


May we all have safe places to sleep and enough food to eat.
May we all be willing to reset so that these basics are reliably available to everyone.
May we see that we’re all stronger if everyone has their basic needs met.
May we accept that we need to share equitably and live within our planet’s constraints.

Tracy Simpson

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