“…. you don’t have to be so vile and insufferable”

Dear President Trump, I won’t stay on it long, but I have to get this mini-rant out of my system: the argument that the Democrats are being inappropriately “political” in ordering the IRS to give them your tax returns is even dumber than the “voters have already spoken” line of defense. First, everything is political … Continue reading “…. you don’t have to be so vile and insufferable”

Words have life and death consequences

Dear President Trump, Christchurch, NZ is 8,904 miles from Washington D.C. as the crow flies and yet ideologically the distance between the men who murdered 49 people during prayer services yesterday and you is not nearly that far, your thoughts and prayers Tweet notwithstanding. The men who carried out the horrifically well-orchestrated attacks on two … Continue reading Words have life and death consequences


Dear President Trump, I was super happy to see E. J. Dione’s WP editorial the other day arguing that you’re stoking the impeachment debate because it’s a terrific distraction from more pressing issues, like your budget priorities, which he called out as horribly regressive and cruel. There are lots of people who have your number; … Continue reading Rebuked