A long letter about “undoing” rather than “dismantling” racism

Dear President Trump, I was so wrong – we aren’t catching a break at all. Even while on vacation you are quite capable of keeping the horror reels coming. I know your destructive little minions have been working long and hard on both the new rules about the types of social services immigrants will be … Continue reading A long letter about “undoing” rather than “dismantling” racism

Righting (or rather “lefting”) this American context

Dear President Trump, Today, in this American context we have dozens of families making funeral arrangements for loved ones killed by hateful young white men with twisted agendas and weapons of war. We have hundreds of children in Mississippi who don’t know where ICE took their parents. We have a biracial couple in Ohio looking … Continue reading Righting (or rather “lefting”) this American context

Missing blessings and the weight of words

Dear President Trump, Maybe my Google search skills are faltering this morning, but I can’t find anything at all online about what either Chief Anne Richardson (Rappahannock tribe) or Chief Stephen Adkins (Chickahominy tribe) said in their respective blessings at the Jamestown commemoration yesterday. Nothing. Nada. There are references to the fact that they were … Continue reading Missing blessings and the weight of words

Racist menace

Dear President Trump, All day today I’ve been thinking about Ilhan Omar, wondering how she’s holding up, wondering how her children and her parents are holding up. They’re almost certainly all very stressed and worried for her safety, and likely their own as well. I feel stressed and worried for her safety and for the … Continue reading Racist menace