Love is love

Dear President Trump, It’s nice to see a few Republican congress people showing some backbone and putting a sliver of a wedge between themselves and you regarding Devin N’s memo and what it does and doesn’t mean for the Russia investigation. It is confusing, though, that Gowdy, who apparently helped draft the memo, is now … Continue reading Love is love


Dear President Trump, Since I was a little girl my mom has frequently gotten frustrated with me because I tend to jump into a conversation in the middle of whatever topic is at hand, forgetting that the person I’m talking with isn’t in my head and privy to all my background thoughts about whatever it … Continue reading Baggage

In the eye of the beholder

Dear President Trump, Lately I’ve been a bit all over the place, one day accusing you all of prideful incompetence and the next lamenting at how effectively you’ve installed stunningly conservative federal judges and dismantled key environmental and consumer safeguards. I do think both extremes fairly represent your administration, though the former likely serves as … Continue reading In the eye of the beholder