The shared charade and a possible antidote

Mr. Soon-to-be-prosecutable-Trump,

Was your spin earlier today by your adoring peeps a boost? I’m guessing it wasn’t exactly a joy ride for you given that you know you lost and they know you lost and it’s only by the most tenuous of agreed upon suspension of disbelief that you all are pretending otherwise.

I wanted to make sure I was using “suspension of disbelief” correctly and because it turns out that I was on the money, I’m going to share Wikipedia’s description of the phrase:

Suspension of disbelief, sometimes called willing suspension of disbelief, is the intentional avoidance of critical thinking or logic in examining something surreal, such as a work of speculative fiction, in order to believe it for the sake of enjoyment.”

I bolded what I think is the most important aspect of the description – “intentional avoidance of critical thinking or logic.” Actually, the idea that you all are engaging in some serious speculative fiction is pretty on the mark too. I do have the feeling, however, that neither you nor your base-peeps are exactly enjoying yourselves, at least not most of you. There’s mostly a desperate quality to the shared charade. Mostly. There are clearly some in the crowd who love a good fight and are rather in their element as they tote their AK-15’s at “Stop the Steal” events, dominant index fingers hovering near triggers.

Unfortunately, worry about what those angry armed people might do at any moment between now and forever casts a pall over everything, as does concern about how much damage a post-POTUS Trump will inflict on US. But you know what, I parked you all for several hours this afternoon and made art, something I’ve not done in almost three months. You see, when I’m printing I have to be really present and there’s lots of time to think, which hasn’t exactly been a favorite pastime lately. Today, though, it was ok.

Want to know what I thought about? I know – I’m being silly, but I’m going to tell you anyway. I let myself fantasize about how cool it would be if either (or both!) the Bidens or the Harris’s enlisted the Queer Eye Fab 5 to help them with their big move-ins in January. Wouldn’t that be awesome? I don’t think either couple really needs that sort of help, but what a great signal it would send – out with the crass, stodgy, bigoted, and hateful and in with the gay, fresh, multicultural, and loving. I mean seriously, so many of us could use a major symbolic boost like that. How cool would it be to see Jonathan sashaying through Lincoln’s bedroom in the White House and hugging Jill and telling her how gorgeous she is? It would mean so much.

Phew. I feel a little silly, but I’m getting verklempt at the thought. Even though hugging is out for the time being, it’s still a wonderful little bit of prosocial speculative fantasy to enjoy.

And let’s keep it going…. What if Joe and Jill were to actually spend time caring for Michelle Obama’s vegetable garden? (BTW, I do feel grateful that by some miracle you and Melania didn’t pave it over.) That would be a far better pastime for our new President and First Spouse than either incessant TV watching or Tweeting, and it would give them time to collect themselves and process their days. Just saying.

The other thing that crossed my mind this afternoon was a brief wonder about what Melania will do this year as far as Christmas decorating, or if she’ll even bother. Then it occurred to me to wonder if she does bother, will anyone be able to see it given that you finally built your unscalable wall.

May we be safe and sound while we wait for the new administration to take charge.
May we be willing and able to give ourselves breaks from the news.
May we know that we’ll be stronger and healthier if we do things we love doing.
May we accept that things are going to be tense and tenuous for a long time to come.

Tracy Simpson

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