Testing, testing….

Dear President Trump, Personally, I think you all should have been testing everyone in the White House for covid-19, including you, Pence, and your families, every day since the beginning of February. Why the hell weren’t you? From a national security standpoint such precautions would have been totally reasonable. Maybe your magical thinking-speak really is … Continue reading Testing, testing….

Gaping gaps

Dear President Trump, This next phase of the covid-19 crisis is clearly high stakes and fraught – on lots of levels. People are antsy and frustrated and many of us are still very scared while many of us not scared enough. The odds of getting the basics needed to safely reopen the country (massively scaled-up … Continue reading Gaping gaps

A mixed bag

Dear President Trump, This morning Laura wanted to make sure that I wasn’t one of the only people in the world to not see the film of Dr. Brix with thought bubbles added as she sat there and listened to your dangerous idiocy about injecting disinfectants into the human body. The first Twitter video she … Continue reading A mixed bag

May we not capitulate to a stupid and dangerous patience

Dear President Trump, Kathleen Parker challenges her readers (WP editorial) to consider whether what one does in relation to the covid-19 crisis is helpful. I agree this is a worthy question, but she actually frames it through the lens of doing no harm, which is really a lower bar than whether something is helpful. And … Continue reading May we not capitulate to a stupid and dangerous patience