0202 PMURT says it all

To: The Lame-a** Hot Air Machine

Dude, have you no pride? Any? Even a tiny bit? Seriously, what the hell are you doing calling Kemp again, trying to get him to throw you Georgia? It’s done. Move on. Stop it.

You look like a fool even if you’re still able to milk your peeps for money they can’t afford to give you.

And even if you could somehow find Kemp’s Achilles’ heel and could get him to call the state for you (which he legally can’t do), where would that get you? Certainly not the “win” you appear to crave.

Then there’s your badgering about having the signatures on the mail-in envelopes verified. What’s the thinking there? Is there any? Anyone with an iota of commonsense knows that the envelopes and the ballots are separated at the outset of the counting process and IT IS NOT POSSIBLE to link them once this is done – our votes are our votes and there’s no way for you or anyone else to know how someone voted unless they choose to tell you. But, for the sake of argument, let’s say the signature verification process found some mismatches, even a lot of mismatches, what then? How in the world would you know which specific ballots to discard? Is the idea that you’d push Georgia to grab a handful of ballots that indicate a voter wanted Biden and toss those? Are you thinking pigs can fly now?

Seriously, what the hell, man? I know you’ve never let logic or commonsense stop you before, but this is beyond the pale even for you.

I’ve only got one more quick thing I want to bring up tonight since we’ve got a Scrabble date with our daughter in a few minutes, and that is the awesomely lame picture in the WP of one of your supporters holding up a giant TRUMP – 2020 fabric banner, backwards. He’s standing outside your golf course in Sterling, VA with a MAGA hat, sunglasses, and a smug smile with the damn thing facing the wrong way. It’s facing right for him if he were to hold it out in front of himself, but the people he’s ostensibly showing the sign are probably laughing at him. And at you.

Plus, he’s standing right next to a protestor who’s holding a homemade poster (facing the right way) that says “A Time To Heal America” complete with a smattering of pink hearts. Pretty sweet.

Clearly, it’s way, way too much to ask that you get on board with that sentiment, but could you at least stop with the idiotic state strong-arming? You wrung that one dry and it’s time to let it go.

May we be safe from a POTUS who doesn’t know when to stop.
May we be willing to withstand his vile onslaughts.
May the Congressional GOP discover their backbones before they slither down the drain. Or not.
May we accept that our POTUS and Congressional GOP are going to play this farce out to the bitter end

Tracy Simpson

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