“The scales of justice ain’t equally weighed out”

Dear President Trump, After reading Barr’s four-page distillation of the Mueller report another line from another Roots song has been playing in my head on continual loop: “the scales of justice ain’t equally weighed out.” The song, “Tip the Scale,” is from an African American man’s perspective and he’s basically talking himself through his various … Continue reading “The scales of justice ain’t equally weighed out”

Brainwashed and benumbed + guns = death

Dear President Trump, Are you following Oliver North’s statements about school shootings being a product of “our culture of violence” and we shouldn’t blame guns? Do you see any problems with that logic? Like maybe that the ubiquity of guns, our overly literal interpretation of the Second Amendment, and our unwillingness to value life over … Continue reading Brainwashed and benumbed + guns = death