Federal executions

To: The Executioner

Ok, so the Electoral voters have spoken – you are out, Biden is in. You are out. Biden is in.

It’s tempting to just repeat those two huge little sentences over and over for the entire letter – I bet it would look kind of cool from a graphic standpoint. Unfortunately, though, even when stated as simply as possible via two three word sentences, there’s no way you would come around to accepting reality, at least not outwardly; there’s too much money riding on you riding the charade out until the last possible second. But just to be clear: You are out. Biden is in.

Looks like Barr is out too, apparently not having racked up enough Trump-credits to buffer him from your wrath when he didn’t go along with the voter fraud fiction. One would think that having saved your bacon by shielding you from the Mueller report or enacting dubious DoJ favors for your favs would have made him like Teflon, but that’s not how you do math, is it? One instance of crossing you, The Man, and your peeps are toast, aren’t they?

So do you think that the new guy, Jeffery A. Rosen, will be as gung ho as Barr has apparently been to be your accomplice in carrying out state sanctioned murders? You have three more scheduled for January 12th (Lisa Montgomery), January 14th (Corey Johnson), and January 15th (Dustin Higgs) and you’ll need the new AG’s cooperation. My bet is that you made sure before you axed Barr that Rosen would be a willing partner in crime since you’re clearly hell bent (literally) on carrying out an absolutely unprecedented and obscene number of federal executions in your last six months in office.

The general opinion is that you want your legacy to include that you were ‘tough on crime’ and this is the principle way of proving it. But this horrible string of executions is not that, is it? This is something else all together – this is cruelty and rebellion on steroids. This is a series of horrific cases of human rights violation that you are perpetrating because you can, because playing God is irresistible to you.

The website https://deathpenaltyinfo.org/ dispassionately lays it all out. Before this past July, the last federal execution took place in 2003, and you’ve ordered more federal executions in the last six months than took place in any given year since the start of WWII. There’ve already been a staggering 10 federal executions since July and, as noted above, you have three more scheduled in January. As a way of putting this federal execution murder spree in perspective, only seven people have been executed by states since January 2020.

States are backing off the use of the death penalty as the American public finally, finally comes around to not only the barbarity of the practice, but also to the fallibility of the judicial process and the not insignificant risk of executing innocent people, most often Black and brown men. Here’s an analysis that speaks to just how wretched your inhumane vanity project really is: https://deathpenaltyinfo.org/news/dpic-analysis-federal-execution-spree-out-of-step-with-u-s-death-penalty-trends-and-attitudes. And here is a fact sheet that shows how racially biased death penalty verdicts are, how ineffective they are at deterring crime, how expensive they are for US all, and how few Americans (about 33%) still support this form of punishment: https://files.deathpenaltyinfo.org/documents/pdf/FactSheet.f1605882308.pdf.

I know I’ve said this before about many, many other things, but how do you sleep at night? How do you look at yourself in the mirror? Do you not have even a tiny wisp of conscience that can be troubled?

Alas, no. You’ve proved to US in so many ways, so many times that you are evil personified. And you still have 37 days in office.

May we all be safe from vanity driven by blood thirst and evil.
May we make ourselves bear witness when our leaders do unspeakable things in our names.
May we support those on the front lines who are challenging these federal executions.
May we never again accept leaders who are devoid of humanity.

Tracy Simpson

2 thoughts on “Federal executions

  1. Tracy, I have heard (who, from where?) that Rump has been trying to reinstate execution by firing squad for federal cases. Do you know anything about this?


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