On pins and needles

To: The Bona Fide Loser

Where to start? Hmm. Given how consequential today is, I’m thinking it’s probably best to wait until we see what happens in Georgia before committing the bulk of my character count. The one thing I’ll say now is that it occurs to me that perhaps part of the deal in getting your GOPP* lackeys to promise to enact their little coup attempt tomorrow is to keep the bulk of the nation’s attention squarely on you rather than on the Georgia Senate races (let alone on what Biden is planning). God forbid Dear Leader be overshadowed by anything else under the sun. It must pain you, though, that all that nice GOPP money has flowed into campaign coffers not earmarked for you, but at least you’ve got everyone tied in knots over your latest, greatest hits to Constitutional democracy. Nice going. Asshole.

Ok, so I’m stopping here for the time being and will pick back up tonight (hopefully the vote counts won’t be protracted and we’ll know the outcomes sooner rather later….).

Well, it’s 7:23 here (and 10:23 in Georgia) and right now it’s not looking so good for the Blue team, but the NYT is still saying that both Democrats are more likely to win since a lot of metro area votes have yet to be contacted. If I could type with my fingers crossed, I would….

I don’t know about you, but I was super distracted all day today. I know, I know – you’re no doubt saving up your anxiety for tomorrow since that’s when it’s all about you. Except that it’s not. It’s actually all about Joe Biden and the 81,283,485 of us who voted for him. You’ve tried really, really hard to make it all about you, but in the end, it just isn’t. I know you’re desperately hoping for some coup-like magic that will have you declared the winner, but even if things go seriously off the rails in Congress or on the streets of Washington DC tomorrow, you simply aren’t going to win this thing. You’re a bona fide loser and always will be.

Anyway, not only was I very distracted all day, but I kept having the urge to respond to the ka-jillion solicitation emails I got from the Warnock and Ossoff campaigns. I so wanted to feel like I was doing SOMETHING to help. The only thing keeping me from putting a serious dent in our bank account was the Hatch Act, since I figured it wasn’t ok for a federal employee to make partisan donations during working hours. But dang was it hard.

Since there’s no way I’m going to stay up long enough to find out who wins these two elections and I don’t have anything left in the tank, I’m just going to close with a somewhat more beseeching loving-kindness prayer than usual.

May we please be safe from further GOPP misuse and abuse of power.
May those of us who believe in democracy please get some happy news in the morning.
May we please muster the energy to stay strong no matter the Georgia outcomes.
May we please get through tomorrow with no politically motivated injuries or deaths.

Tracy Simpson
*GOPP = Grand Old Pathetic Party

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