Who’s going to do the dirty with Mo on January 6th?

To: The Gaslighter Supreme

For the record, acting normal still feels crazy.

Walking the dogs, tying up droopy vines over the back gate arbor, getting some work done, thinking about what to make for dinner, making dinner, taking the yard waste out – all of it so incredibly normal and all of it so incredibly weird to do when the backdrop is the constant thrum of your attempts to trash democracy. Well, yours and Mitch’s – mustn’t underestimate old Mitch’s contributions to this whole deal, the way he paved the way for the current over-the-top shit storm that is your effort to, as you now say, overturn the election.

It’s all the more crazy-making that even when a 6-3 conservative-careening SCOTUS stops your asinine Texas lawsuit on the doorstep, you won’t f-ing give up. And neither will your base. Or the Grand Old (Pathetic) Party – to be known as GOPP from here on out. Nope, full steam ahead with the ads and the Tweets and the whatevers to keep those “donations” rolling in and to keep that rage stoked, but good.

Have any of your acolytes paused to ponder whether there’s something to the fact that the three super-conservatives you installed on the Supreme Court didn’t take the Texas bait? Has anyone had a chin-scratch moment over the curious and fairly shocking revelation that your toady, Bill Barr, is on record saying there was no fraud that would have made a difference in the actual, real outcome (i.e., that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris WON the election)? In other words, has anyone come to their senses and peeled off?

You have been losing Twitter followers so maybe a few people have pulled their heads out, but for the most part, it seems like your base is augured in even more snugly with you now. We heard a clip from the rally (cult gathering) in Freedom Plaza earlier today of Mellissa Carone (the contract IT worker who claimed voter fraud in Detroit) gushing over how much you love them all, how much you want the best for them, that you’re the best president we’ve ever had, that the election has to be called for you because her children can’t possibly be ok if it isn’t. She was actually fairly calm and positive as she was saying all this crazy shit – do Quaaludes do that to a person? Or maybe Ecstasy? Whatever the reason(s), she appears to have happily bought what you’re selling hook, line, and sinker.

It’s one thing to hear angry Trumpers spouting off, but it’s quite a different thing to hear someone so upbeat and superficially reasonable singing your praises. Basically, it’s worse than listening to the yellers and the haters. It’s not that I’m the least bit inclined to believe her or take her seriously. I also don’t think I’m invested in hating your followers (except for Mitch, who is actually more likely your leader) so it’s not that it’s hard to hate someone so Zen-ish. I think it’s that it’s just kind of tilt-o-world to hear someone speaking at a Trump rally who is so sweetly, and dangerously, off her rocker.

Ok, enough about Mellissa. What I want to know now is which of the GOPP senators is going to do the dirty with Mo on the 6th? Are they drawing straws or are they laying precious gemstones at your feet, vying for the honor of objecting to a state’s slate of electors? Really, who will it be? I mean let’s think about this strategically, shall we? If the goal of this little exercise is to force the Republican congress people to pick a side, then it could be pretty much any of them (but I think Ted C and Lindsey G are probably neck-in-neck competing for the honors). On the other hand, if the idea is to force as many of them as possible to declare their fealty to you, then my money’s on Mitch. Right? Right.

May we be safe from the GOPP’s death throes.
May we be willing to look out for democracy since it can’t look out for itself.
May we be strong enough to do what needs to be done.
May we accept that it’s nuts to be acting normal.

Tracy Simpson

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