POTUS obtains funds under false pretenses ~ again (or still)

To: The Lying Sack

I see in the HP that Fred Eshelman is already suing the “True the Vote” (who came up with that gem of a name?) “nonprofit” to get back the $2.5 million he forked over for the cause, claiming that TTV didn’t keep him properly apprised of how his megabucks were being spent or of progress on the case(s). I can’t believe that such an entity is legally a “nonprofit,” but I suppose one thing Rudy and company probably are good at is sliming things so they appear acceptable. The “nonprofit” deal aside, Eshelman’s suit could very well start a stampede since I bet there are quite a few people who ponied up large sums to try and turn over the election who are now realizing they’ve been had.

However, it occurs to me that this may be the least of your problems….

Riddle me this, dear soon-to-be-ex-POTUS: what is it called when someone, say the desperate loser of a presidential election who is hundreds of millions of dollars in debt, stands up a donation scheme to solicit funds with the stated goal of proving voter fraud or a rigged election in court but the person never produces a shred of actual evidence and the cases are either never argued or are found by the courts to be baseless? Well, from what I’ve gathered, this would be called obtaining funds under false pretenses through lies and fraud, or, in short, theft.

Obviously it would help to have you on tape boasting or simply stating that Rudy and the rest of the gang don’t actually have any evidence of voter fraud or that Dominion machines weren’t actually rigged against you, but given the pattern it doesn’t seem necessary that a Nixonian recorded admission of guilt be produced. Also, even if the pattern weren’t such a problem, the whole premise is flawed since there wasn’t a snowball’s chance in hell that you could turn over enough states to actually pull out a win and that was obvious from the get go.

And yet, you’ve been funneling money to “True the Vote” and “Save America” and the “Official Election Defense Fund.” Why? You could have done your Twitter fuming and fussing about chimeric voter fraud and rigged voting machines without putting your hat out for cash. Surely the RNC had some savings it could have thrown at one or two lawsuits to humor you or to make a show of it. So why collect how ever much you’ve collected from your peeps (surprise, surprise, I can’t find anything about the current dollar amount in these funds)?

Uhm – it seems pretty clear it wasn’t actually to carry out any above board legal work regarding the election. Right? You might be able to look me in the eye and lie to my face about this, but I bet Rona couldn’t, or even Rudy.

I know lots of people are saying that the new (hopefully much improved) DoJ shouldn’t go after you for anything as it would look like political retribution and could do even more damage to the country, but this larcenous little post-election scheme sure stinks and sure seems ripe for the prosecuting. I suppose, though, that even if we have to forego post-POTUS prosecutions, the Eshelmans of the world will make your life plenty miserable if even half of them sue your various entities to recoup their money (plus damages, maybe??), so there’s that.

May we be safe from scheming, lying sacks that are up to no good.
May we be willing to employ some commonsense before we “donate” to lost causes.
May we recognize weak losers for what they are and stop propping them up.
May we accept that a sizeable minority of US doesn’t have a clue what’s good for them.

Tracy Simpson

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