A one-man debacle for the ages

President* Trump, Fortunately Laura spotted the news that the Grand Jury transcripts in the inquiry into Breonna Taylor’s death are going to be released (see the LA Time article covering the story: https://www.latimes.com/world-nation/story/2020-09-30/grand-jury-transcripts-breonna-taylor-case-released). I’m not sure how she did it since all the news outlets I’ve popped in on this morning might as well have … Continue reading A one-man debacle for the ages

A Labor Day reimagining of America

President* Trump, Happy Labor Day, you exploitative oligarch. I read an HP article this morning about your pipe dream of withholding federal funding from school districts that reform their US history offerings to more thoroughly address slavery and introduce systemic racism to students. The article included a Twitter exchange involving you and someone who goes … Continue reading A Labor Day reimagining of America