The numbing down of America

Dear President Trump, Apparently you didn’t get the memo, or the Constitutional law lesson (duh), that it’s not ok for US Presidents to “joke” about cancelling elections. You also apparently don’t know (yeah, right) that elected officials aren’t supposed to turn official gatherings, addresses, or meetings into campaign events. You’re like a child who’s constantly … Continue reading The numbing down of America

Righting (or rather “lefting”) this American context

Dear President Trump, Today, in this American context we have dozens of families making funeral arrangements for loved ones killed by hateful young white men with twisted agendas and weapons of war. We have hundreds of children in Mississippi who don’t know where ICE took their parents. We have a biracial couple in Ohio looking … Continue reading Righting (or rather “lefting”) this American context

Finally moving on from “impeachment inquiry lite”

Dear President Trump, Last night during my usual cruise through the evening news, I read a WP article (by Mike DeBonis) about Nancy Pelosi and the House Leadership having salvaged the month of July. The article detailed the legislative accomplishments they were able to achieve even with some important differences within the ranks. Just an … Continue reading Finally moving on from “impeachment inquiry lite”

A sign

Dear President Trump, Laura is so good to me. During the after lunch lull as we were each trying to motivate ourselves for the afternoon’s activities, she turned to me and said “Do you want to make an “Impeach” poster? We have some poster board in the basement and lots of duct tape. We can … Continue reading A sign