The procrastination gods smiled on me today

President* Trump,

It’s not very often that the procrastination gods smile on me, but today they did indeed. I tweaked my back on Monday taking the sheets off the bed and haven’t slept well since so couldn’t face letter writing this morning. I really dislike putting it off until the evening, especially during the week, but today I’m really glad I waited.

Why, you (don’t) ask? Well, as my brother texted me earlier today, “Dumb is screwed!  18 times he did a recorded interview that has him saying ‘I lied but we’ve still done a great job.’” He goes on to quote you as having said ‘I could have taken the virus seriously’ and finishes with “instead, he let 200,000 people die.”

He summed it up quite well, didn’t he? You even knew you were on tape. Are you really that dumb or out to lunch? Or do you have a masochistic streak a mile wide that leads you to self-sabotage in the most blatant of ways? Or, and I’d put money on this one, have your minions convinced you that you’re completely invincible and that you can bounce back from anything? This sure looks like your horrible boast that you could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and your people would still love you and no one could touch you. Except that is, instead of shooting one person, you’ve got the deaths of tens of thousands of us on your hands.

And it seems that Bob Woodward is at least complicit. I think there’s going to need to be a serious reckoning around journalistic integrity here very soon. I don’t care that he’s no longer employed as a journalist or that he wanted to make a bigger, heavier splash with all the story bits neatly woven together ahead of the election. He can defend himself all he wants, but I don’t think it’s going to cut it for the loved ones of all those people who may well not have died if he’d come forward about your hateful, lying-ass ways earlier on. It doesn’t help his case at all that he stands to make millions from the book, whereas speaking up in real time wouldn’t have gotten him much at all except very much better karma.

Woodward will have to face his demons and the wrath of his peers and the public, for sure, but what of you? Is this enough to budge the stalwart wall of GOP toadies and Fox & Friends mouthpieces off the Trump gravy train and somewhere closer to a defensible position? I’m not going to hold my breath – you’ve given them countless reasons to abandon you over the last four years and almost to a person they’ve not left your (right) side. So why would they this time? Maybe if your polling numbers really tank and they see that they’re going down with the captain if they don’t jump ship, they’ll finally put some daylight between themselves and you. Maybe. Whatever it is that you’ve been enticing or threatening them with (or both) sure has been potent so again, I’m not holding my breath.

And this wasn’t the only bombshell revelation about your reprehensible behavior to hit the headlines today. There’s also the on-record whistle blower who is alleging that your head of DHS pick and senior White House officials ordered him to quash information about current Russian election manipulation efforts and the threat of right-wing domestic terrorism while manufacturing bogus tales of left-wing terrorist activity.

Personally, I think the House should issue new articles of impeachment against you. I don’t care that there’s no way to hold hearings before the election, I want you to be in a Club of 1 so you go down as the only person to hold the office of POTUS who’s been impeached and has faced a second threat of impeachment. You deserve far worse, but this would be a start.

May we be safe from our POTUS.
May we all prioritize the common good over splash and profit.
May we send an unmistakably strong message of rebuke on November 3rd.
May we accept that we must put legislation in place that protects us from the likes of you.

Tracy Simpson

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