Evil incarnate through and through

President* Trump, evil (adjective): profoundly immoral and wicked incarnate (adjective): embodied in flesh; in human form evil incarnate (example): If you encounter someone who pulls off butterflies' wings for fun, you might describe that person as “evil incarnate.” I didn’t come up with the example above – it’s what Vocabulary.com has to say about the … Continue reading Evil incarnate through and through

Assuming the tyrannical mantle of “leader” and “guide”……to hell

“President” Trump, I just looked up how dictators prefer to be addressed and Wikipedia indicates that it’s a mix of variations on “leader” and “guide,” like “Supreme Leader,” “Great Leader,” “Dear Leader” or “Brotherly Leader and Guide of the Revolution." I took German in high school (and one miserable year of it in college), but … Continue reading Assuming the tyrannical mantle of “leader” and “guide”……to hell