Evil incarnate through and through

President* Trump,

  • evil (adjective): profoundly immoral and wicked
  • incarnate (adjective): embodied in flesh; in human form
  • evil incarnate (example): If you encounter someone who pulls off butterflies’ wings for fun, you might describe that person as “evil incarnate.”

I didn’t come up with the example above – it’s what Vocabulary.com has to say about the phrase “evil incarnate.” It’s certainly a nauseating doozy of an example that gets right to the point, but I think today it makes sense to add a couple of others just for you.

  • evil incarnate (DJT example #1): petitioning the Supreme Court to abolish the Affordable Care Act
  • evil incarnate on steroids (DJT example #1a): petitioning the Supreme Court to abolish the Affordable Care Act during a pandemic that the petitioner is wildly exacerbating through malign neglect and misinformation
  • evil incarnate (DJT example #2): withdrawing familial financial support for the medical care of his deceased brother, Fred’s, grandson who has cerebral palsy

DJT example #2 looks like it was a warm-up to DJT example #1a. Here’s what Michael Kranish (WP) has to say about this issue in his article about your niece, Mary Trump’s, new book:

“Donald said at the time that he supported a cutoff of medical coverage that had been provided by a family company for Fred III’s son, William, who had cerebral palsy. Donald Trump told the New York Daily News that when he and his siblings were sued by Fred III and Mary, he felt, “Why should we give [William] medical coverage?””

I know you and your GOP Governor cronies are going with a different lame and heartless argument in your SCOTUS petition, claiming that because you knocked the individual penalty for not having health insurance down to $0 the ACA violates some deal about Congress collecting taxes and therefore the whole thing is unlawful.

It’s like you whacked a hornet’s nest and then blamed the people who happened to be nearby for getting stung (and refused to do anything to help them). Alright, it’s not really like that – the analogy isn’t a great fit for this specific issue– but overall, this is how things feel so I’m going to allow myself to keep it.

Anyway, the fact that this argument is some kind of messed up aside, who in your camp encouraged you to push this agenda now? I mean, yes, it’s evil and absolutely unconscionable, but strategically it’s like you’re committing political suicide right before our eyes. Group-think seems to have seriously run amok here. Maybe “Anonymous” (our still mysterious NYT editorial writer who tried to reassure the American public that there are sensible adults in the room) goaded you into this, gambling that it would be such a heinous over-the-top move that it would all but insure your ouster in November.

But I doubt it – I think you all think that this is a grand way to rally your base and further fuel racial tensions. Has anyone bothered to strap you to a chair and make you look at what is happening in your stalwart “Red” states? Have they shown you the covid-19 case and death trends in those states? What about the unemployment rates and the numbers of people who have lost their health care coverage? Do you not get that you might as well be aiming a semi-automatic pistol straight down at your own feet in making this particular petition to the SCOTUS?

Apparently not. So go for it – you’re only helping the rest of us make our case that you are truly evil incarnate and need to be gone.

May we be safe from evil politicians.
May we be happy when they show their hand in a “can’t look away” way.
May we not let up or take for granted the fight for our collective well-being.
May we accept that we elected someone who epitomizes the anti-public servant.

Tracy Simpson

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