Women who betray other women

President* Trump, Now, I don’t for a minute think the real Amy Coney Barrett was abducted by her husband in cahoots with a band of wife-killer husbands and replaced with the butter-won’t-melt-in-my-mouth, perfectly poised non-committal woman who participated in the SCOTUS confirmation hearings this week. Nope, we can’t chalk her perfectly scripted responses up to … Continue reading Women who betray other women

No COVID protections and yet another quid pro quo

President* Trump, Now maybe Katie Shepherd (WP) isn’t relaying the following quote sufficiently and the White House spokesperson didn’t really indicate that a non-sentient entity (i.e., the White House) was being charged with keeping the POTUS, his family, and the WH staff safe, but I’m betting she did the best the could with what she … Continue reading No COVID protections and yet another quid pro quo

Hydroxychloroquine and schools ~ all of a piece

President* Trump, I am now convinced that the Twitter-person who linked you and Jr. hydroxychloroquine push to your desire to get people out working and spending again is correct. I was pretty well convinced last night, but after reading more about the debacle that is the coming school year and your all’s desperate, desperate desire … Continue reading Hydroxychloroquine and schools ~ all of a piece

Evil lurks in the shadows of all those little hydroxychloroquine pills

President* Trump, So what gives? Why are you and Jr. pushing hydroxychloroquine hard enough that Facebook and the rest shut down the disinformation threads? Is it that much of a moneymaker for someone you are beholden to or are you really trying to kill off your base? Or is it both? I suppose it could … Continue reading Evil lurks in the shadows of all those little hydroxychloroquine pills

Evil incarnate through and through

President* Trump, evil (adjective): profoundly immoral and wicked incarnate (adjective): embodied in flesh; in human form evil incarnate (example): If you encounter someone who pulls off butterflies' wings for fun, you might describe that person as “evil incarnate.” I didn’t come up with the example above – it’s what Vocabulary.com has to say about the … Continue reading Evil incarnate through and through


Dear President Trump, Just now my fingers seemed to want to type “President Tramp” but I overrode them and fixed the typo. I think though, if my fingers had decided to swap in an “o” for the “u,” I might have gone with it today – “President Tromp” fits our current situation exceedingly well since … Continue reading 99,805