Lying-Sack-of-Stuff deconstructed

Dear President Trump, Happy Articles of Impeachment Announcement Day. Yes, it’s a bummer the Democrats only went with abuse of power and obstruction tightly focused on your dealings with Ukraine, but the strategy of keeping things simple and straightforward is not unreasonable given how adept you and yours are at obfuscation and misdirection. I’m thinking … Continue reading Lying-Sack-of-Stuff deconstructed

“Rump devotees” and more plausible deniability

Dear President Trump, I’m going to try to remember to use this great little phrase coined by David Greenberg (WP editorial “When Should Republicans Jump Ship?”) in the future, but want to share it with you now just for the heck of it – “rump devotees.” He was referencing GOP toadies who maintained allegiance to … Continue reading “Rump devotees” and more plausible deniability