Time to whistle in the dark

Dear President Trump,

Can you whistle? Probably not, but surely you can hum. I bet people within earshot of you are hearing an off-key hummed version of “Oh Happy Day” or something like that now that you’ve locked down the impeachment trial and avoided the disaster of involving witnesses and document discovery. You are getting your “impeachment light” as you said yesterday and in turn, we are saddled with “democracy dark” as our governmental checks and balances are in tatters and a sickening, terrifyingly dangerous precedent is upon us.

Despite the inevitable drips and draughts that will leak out over time, we are quite literally going to stay in the dark about who knew what when about Ukraine (not to mention countless other sleazy dealings you all are involved in). What’s more, going forward you have carte blanche to draw a thick midnight blue velvet curtain around all of your machinations, unless, that is, you’re so emboldened by the GOP’s decision to roll over on witnesses and to acquit you that you stop trying to hide your corruption and just f*cking go for it in broad daylight – middle fingers up and blazing in our faces. You, POTUS, can do whatever the hell you want because you are POTUS and your GOP lackeys do not have the spines to stand up to you and the MAGA deplorables (seriously, right now, your base does not get any breaks from me) who are ready to tear them limb from limb if they cross you.

Of course I’ve known all along that this was the most likely outcome and that the chances the GOP Senators would put country and Constitution ahead of their own political interests was nil. But like the awful election night in 2016, I wanted to hold out hope as long as possible that some miracle would sweep in and save us from ourselves so I was rooting for there to be 4+ GOP renegades willing to step up and vote for witnesses (and for the Democrats to all hold firm). Just 4. Was that so much to ask?

Why yes, Tracy Lynn, that was clearly too much to ask. Why did I even allow myself the micro-fantasy that some wisps of integrity would be allowed to waft through that part of the Senate chamber? It would have been easier emotionally to have kept a stronger hold on the realistic eventuality that there was no way that you, Vladimir, MBS (and the rest of the Red Sea conspirators), the Mercers, the remaining Koch, and all the other shadow props out there, were ever going to let the impeachment trial get to the point where those in your inner circle were compelled to testify. Under oath.

No way, no how.

That would simply not do for so many more reasons than you have fingers to count on.

Theoretically at least, hindsight is 20-20, but even if I had had a working crystal ball at my disposal that showed Alexander and Murkowski utterly caving, I’m not so sure I would have chosen to go ahead and believe the worst about us and our prospects over the last few weeks. It probably served some sanity-keeping functions to hold out some hope that 4, just 4, Republican Senators would step up and show the American people that they love us more than they fear you. But nope – not in this version of the multiverse.

I think Adam Schiff was probably referring to the team of House Managers when he said “it reflects adversely on us” concerning the Senate’s decision to allow witnesses and new evidence. However, I think it’s fair to suggest that this outcome actually reflects adversely on all of us. America has failed and as Dana Milbank said yesterday, “we are lost” and now it’s all of us who need to whistle (or hum) in the dark.

May we be safe as we make our way through the dark.
May we be willing to hold space for happiness.
May we find ways to be healthy and strong, to persist and resist.
May you not start a war just because you can (or for any other reason).

Tracy Simpson

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