Evil lurks in the shadows of all those little hydroxychloroquine pills

President* Trump, So what gives? Why are you and Jr. pushing hydroxychloroquine hard enough that Facebook and the rest shut down the disinformation threads? Is it that much of a moneymaker for someone you are beholden to or are you really trying to kill off your base? Or is it both? I suppose it could … Continue reading Evil lurks in the shadows of all those little hydroxychloroquine pills

The Emancipation Memorial and coverture

President* Trump, This morning I read the WP Retropolis piece by DeNeen L. Brown entitled “Frederick Douglass Delivered A Lincoln Reality Check At Emancipation Memorial Unveiling” since there’s currently so much conflict over whether the Emancipation Memorial should be removed and I hadn’t known about this particular monument before. Seeing the pictures of it, I … Continue reading The Emancipation Memorial and coverture


“President” Trump, This morning I went to visit the “new 21st Street Buddha” – the one that lives on the porch on the west side of 21st between 73rd and 75th Avenues NE. This Buddha is super cute; it’s one of the little ones that looks like a bald toddler. It stands upright and wears … Continue reading Perception


Dear President Trump, Just now my fingers seemed to want to type “President Tramp” but I overrode them and fixed the typo. I think though, if my fingers had decided to swap in an “o” for the “u,” I might have gone with it today – “President Tromp” fits our current situation exceedingly well since … Continue reading 99,805