What gives with Trump being happy about the hearings?

Dear President Trump,

Apparently you were crowing this morning on Fox & Friends that the Democrats look the fools now that the scheduled impeachment hearings have wrapped up. Laura read me something from Twitter about how you were jubilant over how it all went. I don’t what the original source for that was, but even if we shelve the notion of Trumpian jubilance and just go with your statements about Democrats looking like fools, you seem to be doing a good job of projecting un-nuanced (are you ever nuanced?) victory following what most everyone else would deem incredibly damning testimony.

So what gives?

Are you really that stupid? Is it really enough for you that Jim Jordan used his entire five minutes to bombard Fiona Hill with a web of deceit centered on the idea that her testimony supported his bullshit narrative? I mean it was a pretty good spin that surely delighted, and ensnared, many a lazy fly, but it was painfully obvious what he was doing and I thought it was brilliant that Hill just watched him with looks that alternated between mildly horrified and bemused. JJ gave quite the performance, but Hill was masterful. I also thought it was great that Schiff and the rest of the Democrats didn’t dignify JJ’s BS by circling back and offering Hill a chance to rebut him – they, and she, just let the pile steam in the middle of the room.

Ok, it’s possible that you aren’t that stupid and that your bizarre victory lap is a calculated ruse meant to keep your base in your pocket, which in turn is meant to keep the GOP in your underpants right there handy so they can keep kissing your ass. Sorry – feeling testy this morning. Underpants and ass kissing aside, we know you’re a master dissembler and that your base is well-primed to follow your lead even if everything they’ve seen and heard strongly indicates you are full of shit. So this is certainly a possible explanation for your apparent disregard of the strong case that’s been built against you.

There’s another possible explanation, though, which is that you really are happy with how things have gone so far. How could that be? Well, the GOP inquisitors managed to keep the dumb-ass conspiracy theories about Ukraine having interfered in the 2016 elections and Burisma/Biden front and center, which forced everyone else to deal with them and thereby lent them credence.

Basically, your GOP props managed to hold steady with their stubborn make-believe stories despite Hill’s strong testimony to the contrary (echoed by virtually everyone else who testified). She adamantly told the Congressional panel that by conditioning aid on engaging in a corrupt “corruption investigation” and then delaying release of the aid, you signaled to Vladimir and the rest of world that we really don’t have Ukraine’s back. She didn’t come out and say the rest of it and no one asked her to go there, but it’s clear you are working with Vladimir to undermine Ukraine, Europe, the US, and democracy writ large.

Seth Abramson pointed out in a Twitter thread last night that the Ukraine scandal and the Russia election interference scandal are one and the same. They are intertwined parts of Russia’s long-game strategy to regain Super Power Status by undermining the West with a tangle of corruption revolving around the highly lucrative oil and gas industry and political tools like you, Manafort, Perry, and probably Tillerson (ExxonMobile CEO with deep Russia investments turned Secretary of State – there are surely a few boulders to look under for dirt on him even though he has come out and said that your Ukraine quid pro quo was wrong). Abramson is correctly urging us to not get snagged by the Biden narrative and to instead be aware of the bigger, much more dangerous, parts of this horrible story.

May we be safe from our traitorous POTUS.
May we be willing to take in the whole mess of our situation.
May we hold onto hope and persist in the idea that we can heal.
May we not make peace with overly simple narratives.

Tracy Simpson

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