Icebergs and dewdrops

Dear President Trump,

Did you know that Jennifer Rubin sometimes contributes five columns a day to the WP editorial section? She did so yesterday and the day before yesterday. I wonder if she’s doing this so that she can address the crap that’s constantly going on with you and still make space for talking about other things she might actually find interesting. Whatever is going on with her loquaciousness, I thought maybe I’d follow her lead today and send you two letters because there’s you-stuff I need to get off my chest and something completely not-you that I just want to talk about. I think, though, that I’m going to instead have two sections to this letter since I don’t really have time to write two.

So the you-thing is how important I think it is that every last one of those readouts from your phone calls and meetings that are filed away in the separate computer server need to be examined. Although I agree with those who say the content of the other readouts isn’t necessary for impeachment purposes, I strongly believe we need to know what the hell is in them so we know all the messes that need to be cleaned up and broken things that need to be fixed. Just as important, we need all that shit aired publicly to give your base more chances to see the truth about you. The Zelensky-phone call readout is surely the tiniest tip of a ginormous iceberg of corruption and if we are ever to recover from the malignancy of your presidency, we have to expose every single crevice and track every single fissure.

The not-you thing that I want to share has to do with dewdrops. Dewdrops have been a big deal to me lately. It started the other morning when I was walking in to work and noticed that the rather stunted little plants in the bed to the left of the ambulance driveway looked as though an elf had put little tiny blue-white lights on every single one of the leaves. At first I was confused because it really did look like someone had strung fairy lights on the plants. I actually went over to them to see what the deal was and of course I could see that there were no lights. Plus, when my angle relative to the plants shifted, the light bouncing off the dewdrops went away for me. In a way it was a let down because it would have been magical if someone at the VA had bothered to string little lights on humble plants, but really, it was super magical anyway.

There were a few other nice, early morning dew-deals last week but the other two to mention here both happened yesterday. The first was in one of the WP pictures of the week. It was a close-up of a lily pad with a bunch of dewdrops on it and the tiniest frog you can imagine sitting in one of them. I showed it to Laura and at first she didn’t see it, but when she did, the look on her face was wonderful. J The second happened when I was standing at our front window brushing my teeth around 10pm. It was quite dark out but there was a very sparkly, twinkly light that seemed to be sitting on the edge of one of the rose bushes in our front yard and I think it was a dewdrop catching the streetlight. I’ve never seen that happen before. There were actually a few smaller ones sprinkled through the rose bush so it rather sparkled, not unlike the plants at the VA, but that particular one was so strong it looked like a little beacon.

Maybe when you are out of office next year you’ll have time to notice dewdrops and blow bubbles.

May we be safe to notice lovely things around us.
May we be willing to ferret out ever last bit of the corruption endemic to your administration.
May we not forget that we need to sustain ourselves and each other.
May you not start a war.

Tracy Simpson

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