Shoring up with ‘Good News’

Dear President Trump,

Yesterday after reading the rough transcript of your call with Zelensky, the whistleblower’s report (“report” seems like the most appropriate noun to use now), and trying to learn more about that odd sentence regarding Zelensky needing to make a deal with Putin before he would get his WH invitation, I made a quick stop at the Good News Network for some shoring up. Obviously you and all your sick ugliness were just a click away in virtually every direction, but I needed an infusion of humans being humane and kind and generous. Badly.

So here’s a quick run through of a few of the sweet Good News stories I found…. There was the principal of an elementary school in Michigan who noticed one of his students by herself at recess. Because the girl has cerebral palsy he brought bubbles so they could play together and they became a little fun-magnet for other kids and the girl is no longer isolated. How long has it been since you’ve blown bubbles? Have you ever? They’re pretty irresistible and they do draw people in. I think you’re way past being able to draw people in with bubbles, but it might be something to keep in mind next year when you have lots more time on your hands and everyone has scurried away from you and won’t answer your calls.

Then there was the appreciative gang of motorcyclists who came and bought out a little girl’s lemonade stand. The girl’s mother is a nurse who happened to be nearby when many of them were in a bad traffic accident last year. She was apparently like an angel helping the injured people. Some of the bikers keep in touch with her and when they saw that her daughter was selling “the best lemonade in the state” (of Wisconsin), they all got together to support the girl and to have a reunion with Mom. The pictures are pretty dang sweet.

Although I know I need way more heartwarming stories of kindness to balance out the overwhelming toxic menace that is you and yours, I’m going to tag in just one more Good News Network story. A crane operator working on a job site across from a nursing home somewhere in Ohio noticed that an old guy in a wheelchair was coming out and watching the crew work all day for a couple of days in a row. He stopped and talked with the old man and learned he’d been a crane operator for 50 some-odd years. They struck a deal where the old man would give the young one feedback on how he did each day and the young one would bring him coffee in the morning and get him lunch two days a week. Again, pretty dang sweet. And brilliant. And compassionate.

Whatever you need to do to balance yourself out during this extraordinarily challenging time, I hope you’ll do it. Seeing that Tweet of yours this morning about the whole “Liddle” business with Schiff where you not only couldn’t manage to type “Little” but you misspelled describe (“discribe”) has me beyond worried about you and your access to the nuclear codes along with all the other chaos-sowing tools at your disposal. So how about you watch reruns of The Apprentice or read a couple hundred Good News Network stories or maybe take an extended golf vacation somewhere remote? If damaging democracy and positioning Putin as favorably as possible were your all’s goals, you’ve succeeded beyond either of your wildest dreams and it’s just fine for you to take a break and sit back. Now.

May we be safe from wholly unscrupulous, unbalanced leaders.
May we seek out happier stories to give ourselves breaks.
May we stay strong and keep our eye on you all and stay healthy with solid self-care.
May you not start a war.

Tracy Simpson

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