“Plogging” and “Plokking”

Dear President Trump, I just learned that there’s a new (since 2016) Swedish word ~ “plogging” ~ that refers to picking up litter while jogging. It’s a pretty exciting find for a couple of reasons starting with the “hey, that’s what I’ve been doing!” reaction, which signaled feeling some connection and validation for what has … Continue reading “Plogging” and “Plokking”

Nature is indifferent to us and we need to get over it

Dear President Trump, You’re usually up early, right? If you weren’t too busy sending self-incriminating Tweets this morning maybe you caught a glimpse of the moon and Venus. Here, the entire face of the moon was visible with just the smallest sliver illuminated and Venus looked ginormous. I also got a great look at Orion’s … Continue reading Nature is indifferent to us and we need to get over it


Dear President Trump, It happens pretty much every time I stray from my baby blanket knitting projects and venture into sweaters, mittens, or hats. The latter need to fit bodies so there’s not a lot of room for error. What inevitably happens is that I work on one of these projects for several days or … Continue reading Parasite