The imperative Monopoly monologue

President* Trump,

I drafted almost an entire usual-length letter to you this morning, but I’m not going to send it. Maybe it’ll make it out of the gate tomorrow, but today it’s far more important to send you a link to Kimberly Latrice Jones’s brilliant, devastating monologue “How Can We Win?”, which was posted on YouTube yesterday:

I’m not going to say anything about it – you just need to watch it and if you need to have someone tie you to your chair to make sure you watch all 6 minutes and 42 seconds of it, do that. You need to see this.

May we all be safe to participate fully in civil society.
May all of us who need to step back and step down, do so.
May we all center black and brown people’s health and may we honor their strength.
May we turn away from the work we need to do at our collective peril.

Tracy Simpson

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