Nurse log

President* Trump, How about it? Why don’t you confuse the shit out of everyone, like Gorsuch did this week in coming out (ha!) in favor of LGBTQ employment rights, and declare June 19th – Juneteenth – a federal holiday? Seriously, you don’t have anything of any real value to lose at this point and it … Continue reading Nurse log

Why now?

President* Trump, I’m 95% certain I’ve told you about this tree before – it’s the ancient chestnut tree a few houses North of the original 21st Buddha and I’ve walked past it at least once a week for about 10-ish years now. Because it’s sited at the end of the block its massive canopy shades … Continue reading Why now?

A mixed bag

Dear President Trump, This morning Laura wanted to make sure that I wasn’t one of the only people in the world to not see the film of Dr. Brix with thought bubbles added as she sat there and listened to your dangerous idiocy about injecting disinfectants into the human body. The first Twitter video she … Continue reading A mixed bag

A heavy letter about sexual violence and lack of access to abortion

Dear President Trump, You probably know better than most that domestic violence often doesn’t stop with psychological and physical abuse; it frequently includes sexual violence. And we all know that when perpetrated in the context of heterosexual relationships, sexual violence can lead to unwanted pregnancies and such pregnancies serve to keep women and their children … Continue reading A heavy letter about sexual violence and lack of access to abortion