Out with the old

Dear President Trump,

Happy New Year to you!

There, how’s that for a magnanimous way to start out 2020? And it’s really true – I hope you have a good new year, one that is nice and quiet and involves you getting lots of rest and that consequently offers the country a chance to start cleaning up the messes you made and mending the divisions you’ve sowed. Clearly, I’m talking about a glorious 2020 that sees you exiting the Oval Office early. Although you and I almost certainly have different ideas about what would constitute a good year for you, I honestly believe that you would be better off out of office because you would have less time to accrue further karmic debt. There would also be the bonus of having more time to work on your golf handicap (whatever that means).

Bringing it back home, I want to report that around here, 2020 got off to a nice start this morning in that I saw a middle-aged White man actually pick up a crushed plastic bottle from the street as he was walking by. I think he might have had another piece of litter in his other hand, though I’m not sure. I’d been eyeing that water bottle since yesterday afternoon with a plan to pick it up when I got over there today, but now I don’t have to, which is very nice indeed.

Also on the home front, as promised, Laura and I made a “REMOVE” sign for the upstairs front window this afternoon. Originally I thought we should turn over the “IMPEACH” sign and re-purpose it, but Laura reminded me that there are still lots more things that could be added to your articles of impeachment and so since that chapter may not be finished, we re-purposed our “THIS IS NOT OK” sign that no one has been able to parse very well. Since I can’t send you a picture I’ll just tell you that we now have a white “IMPEACH” sign with black duct tape letters to the left of a black “REMOVE” sign with white duct tape letters and above them both is our “GUN RESPONSIBILITY ~ NOW!” sign. The “NOW!” lettering is really large and stands out such that it seems to be commenting on the other two messages.

After getting the signs propped up in the window we went outside and crossed the street to see how they look, and honestly, they look good. There shall be no mistaking where this household stands on the questions of impeachment and removal of thee – we are all in.

May 2020 bring safety and freedom from harm for us all.
May 2020 bring happiness and contentment to everyone.
May 2020 be the year we prioritize health and redefine strength.
May 2020 be characterized by peace, justice, and kindness.

Tracy Simpson

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