Proud “Never Trumpers”

Dear President Trump,

How are you this morning? How are you doing holding your temper in check? I’m guessing the answer to both questions is something along the lines of “not so good” (sic). I bet you’re not doing so hot as you wait to see what Gordon Sondland has to say this time around. From his opening testimony it looks like he’ll try to thread an itsy-bitsy needle so he can come clean-ish on the stuff others have testified involving him that he can’t plausibly deny, but will attempt to stop short of outright implicating you. It’s going to be a tricky dance and he’ll need to be very light on his feet (and on the truth) to have it appear reasonable that he knew the Ukraine military aid was conditioned on President Zelensky getting himself mic’d up and saying on air that his country would be investigating your political rival and Ukraine’s involvement in the 2016 election, but that he (Sondland) really just can’t be sure whether you were aware of and pushing for this quid pro quo.

Well, in the last few minutes it seems that GS decided that it’s in his best interest to just go for it and throw the whole lot of you under the bus – to paraphrase ‘no secret, everyone knew.’ I’m not listening right now so don’t know for sure if a helpful Democratic committee member asked him to clarify his use of “everyone” to determine whether it includes you, but seems like an obvious follow-up. Laura is reading me Tweets narrating GS’s time in the hot seat and it’s already clear that Pompeo, Mulvaney, Perry, and apparently (yay!) Pence are all sharing space under the bus right now and it seems obvious that you are going to be joining them soon. Looks like you all will need to make room for Senator Ron Johnson too since GS told him of his quid pro quo concerns sometime during this whole debacle and he clearly did nothing about the matter.

I’m going to pivot now to something that’s bugged me for a long time, but that’s reached a fevered pitch with the impeachment inquiry. You’ve been harping on the idea that the career Foreign Service and State Department employees who’ve testified thus far and have voiced their concerns over the 7/25 call and this whole mess are “Never Trumpers.” You’ve wielded the phrase like a cudgel, claiming that anyone who didn’t vote for you or who won’t vote for you in 2020 (if you get that far) is not only disloyal to your Highness, but is also unpatriotic and anti-American. It’s that last part that is so concerning, which I suppose should and would elicit a ‘duh’ response from most sentient beings.

I’m bringing it up anyway because your reliance on the idea that anyone who crosses you is anti-American is the stuff of fascist nightmares. Obviously you’ve not managed to get widespread traction on the idea – there are plenty of us who proudly claim “Never Trumper” status, having decided from the get go that we’d never in life support someone who brags about assaulting women, is the epitome of a racist asshole, is greed-personified, and is an unstable idiot. We are legion.

Sadly, however, the ground was well cultivated and ready to accept your disgusting seed. You’ve exploited this by gaslighting, hoodwinking, deceiving, manipulating, and brainwashing millions of Americans into believing that you are on par with the Holy Messiah Himself. And you’re not going to let their misplaced adulation go easily. No, you’re going to stoke it into something even uglier as your world crashes in around you. Indeed, the unraveling of your wanna-be fascist regime is probably going to be very dangerous, but nonetheless, it and you must go.

May we be safe as your presidency implodes.
May we find ways to wake up those deceived by your hateful rhetoric.
May we find ways to learn from this tragic episode and to heal from it.
May we center justice, respect, and compassion as we move forward.

Tracy Simpson

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