A rage attack, perhaps?

Dear President Trump,

You are probably aware of this, but just in case you missed the memo, your shorts are smoking, dude. Even the people who were trying to protect you (Morrison: that transcript was so sensitive it had to be squirreled away, but in no way was it relaying anything remotely impeachable) are making it clear you engaged in many a high crime (none of which were misdemeanors) and can’t possibly get out of being impeached. I know, removal is another matter, but at this point if the Senate GOP props continue to prop your ass up, they will be out on theirs right fast.

I was all set to write to you about something future oriented since I do think we are finally seeing sunlight at the end of this long, dark tunnel, but your trip to Walter Reed yesterday is messing me up since I can’t ignore it. So what gives? From everything I’m seeing online and from listening to Michelle Obama’s book, it seems like you have 24/7 medical care right there in the White House. They’ve got pretty much everything that you could possibly need for all the “not too serious” conditions that you might come down with. And didn’t your last physical take place there at the WH? So seriously, why go to WR? It doesn’t make sense if you’re really ok.

There’s footage of you walking from your limo to the helicopter, which likely rules out a stroke or a significant heart attack. And I believe you were only at WR for a couple of hours so if you had tests done, they couldn’t have been super extensive, though neither an MRI nor an echo takes all that long and blood draws are fast, so who knows? Well, actually lots of people know – just not the vast majority of the American people.

My initial thought was that the stress has finally gotten to you and that you had heart palpitations, couldn’t catch your breath, felt like you were going to faint and maybe shit your pants (sympathetic nervous system responses are a drag), had narrowed vision, and the feeling your world is crashing in on you in ways you can’t control. Basically, I thought you probably had a panic attack.

I do think this is a pretty strong possibility, but I don’t know whether narcissists with antisocial personality disorder can have panic attacks. It’s not something that comes up in my day-to-day work so I Googled “do narcissistic sociopaths ever have panic attacks?” I didn’t scroll through all the hits, but from what I saw, you all are more likely to get sadistic pleasure out of watching other people have panic attacks than you are likely to have one yourselves.

But then most sociopaths aren’t the POTUS and aren’t having to watch as their wrongdoings are publicly aired and their loyal defenders are reduced to pulling stupid, nonsense defenses out of their asses. I bet even the coolest customer would feel pretty undone by now and we know that even when things are going your way, you tend to get pretty tetchy. Hey, maybe you had a rage attack rather than a panic attack. Like you went into a blind rage and threw shit around the residence (or wherever) – all the same feelings and physical reactions (except for fainting and voiding) listed above could have been present but rather than feeling panicky fear, you felt uncontrollable rage.

If that was the case then I’m not sure why you went to WR, surely they could have given you Ativan there at the White House. I suppose if you punched a wall and broke your hand, you would’ve had to have it X-rayed and splinted or something. So let’s see if there’s any forthcoming balderdash about you tripping and falling and hurting your hand….

May we be safe from an unhinged POTUS.
May we be willing to press on with holding you to account.
May we hold ourselves together as you fall apart.
May you not start a war.

Tracy Simpson

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