How low will they go?

Dear President Trump,

Maybe you’ve never had such a nightmare, but you’ve probably heard people talk about it when they’ve dreamed they’re sitting in a class and the teacher says it’s time to take the test and the dreamer had no idea there was a test and wakes up in a panic. It’s a pretty classic anxiety dream and most of us who worry about failing or not being prepared have had some version of this dream at least once in our lives. I don’t really know whether people who don’t care about being unprepared or who have someone who’ll smooth their entire life’s pathway for them regardless of how well or poorly they do ever have such dreams. We could do an N of 1 survey right here – what about it, have you ever had such a dream?

What about in real life when things aren’t going the way you want them to be going – how do you cope then? Ok, I know, it’s a dumb rhetorical question to be asking you, but I think it’s safe to say that you aren’t one to reflect and ask yourself tough questions about how your actions (or inactions) might have contributed to things going poorly. Also, goodness knows no one has ever accused you of thoughtfully trouble-shooting different solutions to a problem, any problem. No siree – these sorts of exercises wouldn’t occur to you in a million, zillion years since it’s sooo much easier to blame others or change the subject or start a war (or all of the above).

Between your shameful labeling of the impeachment inquiry as a “lynching” and the childish stunt your loyal GOP props pulled this morning at your behest, we are getting to see what a way-too-powerful unstable idiot resorts to when he’s absolutely shitting-his-pants terrified that he cannot control the narrative that’s barreling down at him. Never mind having forbidden various government employees from testifying or withholding documents, this new display of desperation is full on and frankly it’s quite scary. Oddly, it is also incredibly validating. I’ve not waivered for a second in my estimation that you are a greedy, dangerous would-be demagogue who should never have been allowed anywhere near the presidency, but as scary as your public unraveling is, it’s also somehow comforting to see that you really, truly cannot pull it together. And what an awful thing to find comforting. We are so messed up.

I keep thinking that what Gaetz and the rest of your hinky henchmen and henchwomen did this morning when they took over the SCIF where Laura Cooper was to testify was like a bunch of delinquents pulling the fire alarm at their middle school to avoid taking a test and timing it for when the principal is out of town at her brother’s funeral. Incredible. Have you all no pride or dignity? Not a one of your ass-kissers can speak cogently to the content of the impeachment inquiry and instead they resort to lame-ass whiny crap about “the process” as though 1) this is not the normal process, which it is, and 2) as though there is any legitimate defense that you all could mount if only you were allowed to completely subvert the normal process and take over your own impeachment inquiry. Seriously? What is wrong with you people?

Never mind. Silly rhetorical question #2. I must be tired.

May we be safe from desperate leaders with no moral or ethical guardrails.
May we be willing to hold strong and not cave to their freak-out tactics.
May we keep ourselves healthy so we can stay engaged.
May you not start another war.

Tracy Simpson

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