“Victimhood for Dummies”

Dear President Trump,

You’re the master of the aggrieved victim charade and we’re watching yet another round of your ‘woe is me, what have I ever done to deserve this?’ performance as the House Judicial Committee gears up with their record requests. I know they’re being accused, and not just by you and yours, of overreach and of working at cross-purposes to the other investigations. I honestly don’t know whether the fundamentals of their motivation and their strategy are sound or if they are engaging in what I like to call the “do something, anything” response when things are awful and it feels impossible to sit by and watch.

However, I do know that having struggled most of the last 751 days of writing to you to narrow down the topic to just one or two of the shitty things you did, were doing, or were threatening to do leads me to feel confident that there is no such thing as overreach when it comes to investigating your wrong-doings.

I witnessed another white man about your age play the victim cards recently when a pet program of his was ended after complaints that he was insensitive, sexist, and boorish towards program participants. His response to the various issues read like he’d cribbed from your “Victimhood for Dummies” book; he sounded like a defensive, clueless nincompoop who thought he could coast on his charm and position. Not unlike you, he made a huge fuss about the relatively ancillary things of concern and completely ignored the elephant in the room, which in his case was his abusive sexist behavior.

It was rather horrifying to see it playing out so text-book up close, but it was also instructive to see how very hard it is for those who have enjoyed ill-gotten and/or ill-held power to concede gracefully let alone to acknowledge their roles in their own demises. So, you can piss and moan all you want about the various investigations into your abuses of power, obstructions of justice, and corruption – it won’t do you any good and it may just give those investigating you a sense of how hot or cold they are. However, it is awful to consider that all your pissing and moaning is really to rile and provoke your base for when it becomes clear there is reason to remove you from office.

May we be safe from unhinged, cornered, corrupt leaders.
May we be willing to stand firm against them and do what is necessary to check them.
May we follow whatever leads to the rot no matter what sort of fuss you raise.
May you not start a war to distract us or to get some of us killed.

Tracy Simpson

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