The ‘Trump Death Clock’ and some pink chalk

Dear President Trump, Here is the title (and subtitle) of one of the HP’s top running stories this morning: ‘Trump Death Clock’ In Times Square Is Grim Reminder Of Preventable Virus Deaths The sign’s creator aims to show “the cost in human lives” (by Josephine Harvey) The TDC recently clicked past 50,000 excess, preventable covid-19 … Continue reading The ‘Trump Death Clock’ and some pink chalk

The Betrayal

Dear President Trump, Yesterday as I was grappling with the infuriating, sickening (literally) betrayals by you and other elite members of the GOP (and at least one Democratic governor – Jared Polis, CO) I drafted a sentence about how scared I am that we are seeing the beginning of another holocaust that could end up … Continue reading The Betrayal