Why are you so willing to alienate even more women?

Dear President Trump,

Who do you have watching the polls? Have you told whoever it is that you want the unvarnished truth about what those polls are saying? And if so, when they tell you the truth, are you taking it in or are you blasting the messenger?

The poll I’m thinking about was reported by NPR today and is showing that since March 2017 the proportion of married women who disapprove of you has gone from 40% to 57%. The poll was conducted by the firm Greenberg Quinlan Rosner and Greenberg notes that over the last six months married women have increasingly been turning away from you and are saying they plan to vote for Democrats because of your inhumane policies (i.e., separating immigrant families). I tried to find out when the poll was conducted since I rather bet it’s more than two weeks old, which if true, would mean that the percent of married women who disapprove of you has probably increased even more as the ugliness of the Kavanaugh investigation plays out. You have been unpopular with most other groups of women all along so now that you are also ticking off married women one would think you’d be feeling pretty worried about totally blowing the “woman vote.” There aren’t enough men to take up the slack so what are you doing being so gratuitously jerky to women reporters?

But like I said yesterday, I hope you keep it up. I hope you keep taking married white women’s votes for granted and continue to go to bat for your boy Brett K no matter how much of a louse he is purported to be by his friends, let alone his enemies. Even you have said he had a drinking problem when he was young and although there is some disagreement about what kind of a drunk he was (mean/belligerent vs. affable/nice-guy), there’s clearly a lot of concern about his honesty about his drinking and a bunch of other stuff directly related to his legal record. I know you are incapable of admitting you are wrong about anything, but even you must see that persisting in your support of him is going to mean more and more women turn against you. Or maybe not. You seem to be living in an alternate universe. Or shit, maybe you are living in one where you know you can count on Vladimir to cover your butt in November. It’s an awful thought, but it could explain your reckless behavior.

May our democracy be safe.
May we be willing to stop being distracted by your bullshit.
May our democracy be healthy and strong.
May we not be pacified by the crisis du jour.

Tracy Simpson

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