Do you remember their names?

Dear President Trump,

The woman with the long dark hair behind you on the left hand side of the screen looked ill as you revved up to blast Dr. Ford at your Mississippi rally last night. She seemed to be looking for the exit or maybe for anyone else who felt repulsed. She managed a sort of grimace-smile when everyone else was laughing and she clapped when everyone else clapped but she looked miserable, as though she knew she’d made a bargain with the devil. I wonder what was really going through her head. I wonder if she might be one of the millions of women who identifies with Dr. Ford. I wonder if she is keeping secret her own history of having been sexually assaulted because she doesn’t want to risk the kind of vile response men like you have when such things are disclosed. I wonder what that performance cost her. I wonder how many other women were watching the rally on TV with their husband, boyfriend, brother, or father and felt compelled to laugh along with them as you mocked Dr. Ford.

I’m curious – do really think all the women who’ve accused you of forcibly kissing them, grabbing them, sexually assaulting them remember the exact dates and locations of those offenses? Do you remember the exact dates and locations of all the times you grabbed pussies or otherwise assaulted women? Do you remember their names? Or is it all a blur of conquest – the exact dates, places, identities inconsequential because those things pale against the centrality of the domination, the rush of power you got? Dr. Ford is reporting her memories of the flip side of what the likes of you remember; she remembers the attack itself. Most all of us who have experienced sexual assault remember the details of the assault because those are most salient to us; the exact date had nothing to do with whether we could figure out a way to escape the situation and once we were away, the exact way we got home almost certainly had nothing to do with our survival.

So again, I ask you – why are you so willing to alienate women voters? What is the calculus you are using here? It doesn’t make an ounce of sense unless you somehow know it doesn’t matter how many of us decide you are an untrustworthy disgusting louse. Really, what the hell is going on?

May we be safe to be in whatever bodies we happen to occupy.
May we be willing to own the horror we feel when you debase people.
May we insist our leaders lead with dignity and integrity.
May we not make peace with nor make light of sexual harassment or assault.

Tracy Simpson

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