Please keep it up

Dear President Trump,

I respectfully request that you continue to insult and belittle women at every opportunity. Really, I think you should keep it up. You are doing an incredible job demonstrating that you and your administration don’t give a damn about girls and women. Although you may collect a few more votes from likeminded men who feel threatened and/or want to go back to some idealized white male privilege era, ultimately you are doing more to mobilize women’s votes for your opposition than just about anything any Democratic candidate could ever do.

I’m still shaking mad from watching your interaction today with Cecilia Vega (ABC News) at your press conference on the HP site. The ease and fluidity with which you taunted and insulted her are absolutely stunning. You didn’t miss a beat. There was no hesitation whatsoever in the following:

You: “She’s shocked that I picked her. She’s like in a state of shock.”
Vega: “No, I’m not. Thank you, Mr. President.”
You: “That’s OK. I know you’re not thinking. You never do.”

When she asked a question about the limits you and the GOP Senators originally put on the Kavanaugh FBI investigation you refused to answer and asked for something on trade. She started to ask a trade question, but you cut her off and went to someone else. You then refused to answer a similar FBI probe question from another woman after several on trade had been asked. The scrum of white men behind you chuckling at your takedown of Vega added a layer of ick that has me wanting to shower.

I know these moments aren’t rare and that you show us every day that you are a misogynist of the first order, but that you would so blatantly keep it up now when your Supreme Court nominee is under intense scrutiny for allegedly sexually assaulting women either means you are a complete idiot or that you think playing up the sexist behavior is going to rally your base. Or both. Whatever is or isn’t going through your head, I hope you keep this noxious behavior up. Honestly, though, the last thing I’m going to worry about is that you will suddenly act like a decent human being because even if you tried, it would fall flat; you can’t read well enough to follow the cue cards you’d need.

May we all be safe to ask questions without being insulted.
May we all be happy to call out naked emperors.
May we hold the naked emperors sick enablers accountable.
May powerful (and not so powerful) white men make peace with losing their unearned privilege.

Tracy Simpson

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