“The softer I am with myself, the easier I am with others”

Dear President Trump,

This morning I edited a paper for work about a qualitative study we did with Veterans who have PTSD who participated in a mindfulness-based stress reduction class at our VA and I came across this quote from one of the participants: “What I’ve learned about me is that the softer I am, the easier I am with others. The more critical I am of me, the more critical I am of others, etcetera….so, this thing is paying off on a social level.” I am sharing it with you because it so captures why I think it’s important for people to learn how to get their harmonious balance going. There’s no scientific measure of harmonious balance that I’m aware of and it would be silly to try and make one since each person’s H/B is going to look and feel different, and as noted, how it manifests will be context-dependent. But… I bet if we could measure H/B somehow, we’d find greater levels of it are associated with being nicer to oneself and being nicer to others. So, since I still believe kindness is everything it seems that cultivating H/B in as many of us as possible is a good idea.

Earlier this morning I read a WP editorial by Professor Bella dePaulo who studies lying. She had some appalling figures on how much more you lie than even the lyingist regular people she’s ever studied. She said since October you’ve told, on average, 9 lies per day in the public sphere. Of course it could be way more than that since we don’t have a record of everything you say. It also could be that all these falsehoods are not actually lies since you might believe them, but still — it’s a lot. She also looked at the types of lies/falsehoods made and found that regular people hardly ever tell cruel lies, but you, on the other hand, are different — fully half your lies are hurtful or disparaging. I bring all this up because these findings strongly suggest you need to do some serious H/B work so you can tone down all this meanness. Ok, I know this is just me being a naive wing-nut wishing for things that won’t ever happen, but gosh would the Universe ever be a different place if Donald J. Trump were to work on being more centered and putting kindness first.

Since there likely won’t be a lightening bolt creating such a shift for you, I send you this blessing to shift things a little tiny bit:

May you be safe.
May you be happy.
May you be healthy.
May your life unfold peacefully.

Tracy Simpson

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