What was your motive?

Dear President Trump,

It’s happened a few times now where after I send you my letter for the day and I’ve received the usual immediate email back acknowledging receipt of my correspondence, a few hours later I’ll get two more such White House missives. And this morning, there were actually two White House emails in my inbox when I got up and I’m quite sure I didn’t write you in my sleep last night. Laura thinks the ones this morning were an effort to trick me into thinking I’ve already sent you a letter so I’ll give you a break. Obviously it didn’t work if that was the idea. But really, I think your system has a glitch or someone on your end is messing with me for some reason. Odds are it’s a glitch and that your contact page is suffering from the same general lack of care and attention the rest of the governmental infrastructure is enduring with you in charge.

On a different, but ultimately related topic, I’m curious, what your motive was for attending the opening of the civil rights museum in Jackson today. Was it another distress and distract move? Sure seems like it. Was there also a hit of — “I try and try and those people just don’t appreciate me” pathos to parade out to your base so you look like you’ve taken the moral high road in having accepted Governor Bryant’s invitation to the event? Basically, this had to have been an exquisitely strategic tactical move on your part because you would never deign to go Jackson, Mississippi or a civil rights event (let alone a civil rights event in Jackson, Mississippi) for the good of the country or that community. I’m getting those disgusted shivers thinking about the likely machinations behind all this. You do, have a knack, though for keeping some (but just some) of the most important conversations we need to have as a country going. I’m sure there will be plenty more of this in the next two days ahead of the Alabama Senate race since you and the spineless RNC are taking the stance that because Moore is denying the child abuse claims against him, he is supportable. Chip off the old block with that tactic, isn’t he? You are probably quite proud of your influence there. Sigh.

May we be safe to see past the lies.
May we be happy to call those lies out.
May we keep breathing through all this nonsense.
May we use our interludes of harmonious balance as a balm against your relentless assaults on decency.

Tracy Simpson

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