You are keeping the right people happy

Dear President Trump,

I am certain the talking head people on Fox & Friends (which always makes me think of Fantastic Mr. Fox and his strange friends when I type it) and Breitbart have been solidly on point all along with the idea that you are doing exactly what your base wants you to do and that it’s us liberal types who are out to lunch, waiting in vain for people who voted for you to see how messed up you are. Well, it’s finally penetrated the liberal media that you are keeping the people happy who got you into office, including those working in mines and factories, the white college-educated women who gave you a pass on the Access Hollywood tape, and the trillionaires who’ve been whispering (yelling?) in your ear about the special little tax “reform” add-ons they want just for them. In fact, you seem to be doing an awesome job keeping them all entertained and feeling far freer than they have in 50 some years to say and do whatever they want no matter how crass, hurtful, racist, or sexist it might be because you are setting such a stellar example on all these fronts every day.

If this analysis is correct and you are still the darling of the right despite selling the forgotten men and women down the river for a buck, we have got to mobilize like there is no tomorrow because if we don’t, there will be no tomorrow to speak of. Basically, I think those of us who believe you and your Republican crew are poison, need to accept that all the stuff that looks spiteful and self-serving is being seen by your base as campaign promises being fulfilled. It’s rather takes the wind out of my sails to settle down and try to wrap my head around what seems to be reality here and I sure don’t feel a lot of harmonious balance right now as I sit with this. We may be able to change a few hearts and minds, but really, the bottom line appears to be that we have got to light fires under every complacent Democrat and left-leaning Independent out there so we can get you and the toadiest of the Republicans out of office. That is, if we don’t all want to be opening cans of spaghetti o’s forever because that’s all anyone outside of you and your pals can afford to eat.

May we all be safe to see reality.
May we accept what we see even if we aren’t happy about it.
May we at least act like mature adults who deal with what is.
May we figure out a strategy for saving the world that doesn’t rely on the impossible happening.

Tracy Simpson

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