Harmonious balance isn’t harmonious or balanced if it’s static

Dear President Trump,

Sometimes magic 8-balls keep giving different answers to the same question and sometimes the same answer keeps coming up no matter what the question is. These maddening patterns are probably just due to chance or the quite limited number of “answers” housed in whatever that weird liquid inside the balls is, but sometimes there does seem to be a bit of magic operating.

This morning my 8-ball mind came up with some old familiar chestnuts in response to the “how come I’m not harmoniously balanced?” question. I realized I need to scale back my sights and stop looking at this as an all/none for all time (or never) sort of thing and instead look at the present moment. Am I harmoniously balanced right now? How about now? Now? Obviously one can’t operate effectively if one is constantly checking one’s harmonious balance meter, but the idea is still useful. Rather than holding out for a lightening bolt delivering a permanent state of harmonious balance or waiting for my self to figure out the magic key to unlock the door once and for all, it’ll be a lot easier to work incrementally with the moment(s) at hand. Duh. It’s not like I’ve not known this basic thing for practically ever, including three days ago. Oh well.

I also rediscovered the super obvious reality that breaking it down moment-by-moment opens things up to see each one as new and calling for a (potentially) unique response. Harmonious balance in the setting of a quiet meditation time will be very different from harmonious balance when someone is cutting me off in traffic or in an emergency situation. The challenge is staying steady and effective in wildly different contexts and not being pulled to the stimulus in reactive, fixed action pattern sorts of ways. I’ve been trying to remember to breathe in such situations, but I think I’ll add my h-b question to see if that helps when my instinct is to lay on the horn, checkout from conflict, or feel hopeless and powerless when leaders are greedy and incompetent. I also think maintaining a sense of humor has to be factored in somehow.

May we feel safe enough in our own skins to check in with ourselves.
May we be happy to reset and breathe as needed.
May we be healthy and flexible in our responses to different types of situations.
May we use our harmoniously balanced powers for good.

Tracy Simpson

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