Doubling down on harmonious balance

Dear President Trump,

I am not sure where I’ve been — I just learned today about the Catheter Cowboy ads John Oliver is running on Fox & Friends for you. Apparently they started back in February so I’ve been missing out. I hope you’re learning something, anything, from them. I also saw your statement today about moving the Israeli embassy to Jerusalem. Both your incoherence and your strange speech (as in how you were physically talking) were very alarming. You sounded like you’d had a stroke, were on way too much oxy, or were just this side of a drunken stupor. You were talking through gritted teeth as if you were barely hanging on. What’s the matter? Is the stress of the Russia investigation getting to you?

I’m going to pivot now, back to the balance and harmony theme. This morning when I asked my new routine question about why I am not harmoniously balanced, where I went was to ask whether it’s even a worthy goal. It was just four 6’s on a license plate, after all — hardly a direct directive from a trustworthy, crystal clear source. Relatedly, I wondered if an individual is harmoniously balanced does the benefit extend beyond her since it doesn’t seem like a great goal if it’s really navel gazing and not useful in a larger sense. Once I arrived at this question it felt like I had something to grab onto, which I will try to illustrate with two pretend people. Person A is harmoniously balanced. She treats others kindly and holds generous views of them, she responds thoughtfully to challenging situations, and she articulates her positions calmly and cogently. In short, she has positive effects on others. Person B is not harmoniously balanced. She is reactive and uncentered and responds to other people as though they are threats or trivial, to challenging situations angrily and provocatively, and basically doesn’t have a clear position on anything but follows whatever she hears last or gets her goat the most. Person B doesn’t have positive effects on others. Although I’m now clear balanced harmony (or harmonious balance) is worth pursuing, alas, I’m no closer to achieving it. We’ll see what the magic 8-ball of my mind tells me tomorrow.

May we be safe to pursue balanced harmony.
May we be happy to see where balanced harmony can take us.
May we be healthy enough not to take any of this too seriously and at the same time not dismiss it.
May we try for at least a minute a day of harmonious balance. You too.

Tracy Simpson

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