You all are squaring up for an incredible two-fer

(had to send it two installments)

Dear President Trump,

So, at the outset here, I really can’t square what I am going to say to you today with yesterday’s idea that we are on an inexorable arc toward true justice and peace. Maybe by the end of this letter I’ll have found a way, but I will have to pull something pretty damn amazing out to do it so it doesn’t sound and feel completely contrived and hollow. We’ll see.

I have said to you over and over how horrified I am by your wealth redistribution efforts for the 1% and how your Republican toadies are tolerating you so they can deliver the tax cut goods to their donors. I’m a total broken record on this theme, to be sure. But what I hadn’t seen before today is how you all are squaring up for an incredible two-fer by lining each others’ pockets through what amounts to a genocidal war on poor people. Here is a partial list of the various fronts on which you are waging this war that will make you all even richer and at the same time will cause mass casualties among the most vulnerable: 1) undermining health care coverage for poor people; 2) allowing unfettered air and water pollution that will disproportionately affect and kill poor people; 3) refusing to address climate change when poor people are already being displaced and bankrupted by the effects of super storms and wild fires fueled by rising temperatures; 4) removing oversight on the banking industry, which preys on vulnerable poor and middle income people; 5) facilitating the building of yet more prisons in which to imprison countless more poor people at exorbitant emotional and financial cost to them and their families and to the tax paying public; 6) stalling on a decisive, science-driven response to the opioid (your spellcheck doesn’t even recognize the word) crisis, which is killing poor people in droves; 7) allowing the Children’s Health Insurance Program to expire and thereby endangering thousands of poor children’s lives, and 8) fueling hate and fear that encourages a selfish, isolative (also not recognized by your spellcheck) populous unwilling to care for one another.

Most all of these tactics are also gutting the middle class, but because there are so many of us and you have to worry about our votes you are softening the blows with carrots on strings you can dangle for a bit to mollify us. Poor people don’t get any special treatment at all, just the very short end of your very pointed stick. Oh, and when the deficit balloons completely out of control because of your tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations, you all will go after Social Security and Medicaid and just starve out any surviving poor people. I can hear Ivanka saying “let them eat cake”.

I feel kind of dumb that I didn’t put this all together before; it is so damn obvious. But there it is. What I don’t yet know how to do is convince myself or anyone else there is a peaceful way forward through this horror that will move us along the arc of justice toward the beloved community. I guess for now I need to keep sending you and the world loving kindness messages and resolve to hold a steady vision of what I imagine the beloved community will look and feel like. And not let you get the best of me.

May all of us be safe to be.
May we all care about one anothers’ happiness.
May poor children’s health be a high priority.
May we see past the petty divisions and come together to create the beloved community.

Tracy Simpson

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