Grace abounds

Dear President Trump,

When I got home tonight Laura said a woman from church called to ask for our address. She explained to Laura that she feels badly about how she treated me after the service yesterday and wants to send an apology. Isn’t that a nice outcome? If you were reading my letters you’d know I was quite upset yesterday about that interaction. Apparently she was troubled too and feels moved to try and make it right. Because I’d talked with our lead pastor and a friend about the interaction yesterday at church, I emailed them tonight with the good news and they both got right back to me letting me know how happy they are with this coda. My pastor summed it up well: “Wonderful!!! Grace abounds!” Indeed.

What with this development and the man who approached us yesterday so he can pay for fixing the fence he knocked down, I’m not sure what the world is coming to! Maybe something good, after all. In the context of the horrible behavior we are seeing in the headlines, it really is wonderful to know that people can still be decent and take responsibility when they behave badly. Perhaps this will inspire you to make some apologies. How about it? Even though I am still betting a lot of your more egregious attacks on people are meant to distract us from your administration’s ongoing underhanded dismantling of all sorts of safeguards, you do have plenty of situations to choose from and any dozen or so would be fine starts. I won’t hold my breath, but really, a good apology is a beautiful thing.

Before closing this letter, I’d like to amend my statement from yesterday about wanting to feel solidly back on the arc toward justice and peace because I actually think we are still on that arc and it is moving inexorably toward a more just and peaceful world. You all are making the ride very bumpy and it is scary a lot of the time, but you will not knock us off course. We will figure out how to get past the base divisions some want to exploit and we will figure out how to distribute our resources so all may live well and we will figure out how to make space for love and grace. It probably won’t be in my lifetime and that is ok. I am, however, going to act as if it will happen tomorrow because I think doing so will speed up the process.

May we all be safe and sound.
May we all be happy and in love with life.
May we all be healthy and flourishing.
May we all be curious and humble in our dealings with one another.

Tracy Simpson

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