The ends and the means

President* Trump, Yesterday morning when I set out on my walk I didn’t have anything specific in mind to write to you about. I figured something would occur to me in my perusal of the news or in reaction to the day’s poem (which, by the way was incredible and can be read here: … Continue reading The ends and the means

This time

President* Trump, I picked the first little handful of raspberries from our bushes this morning. Some went into my yogurt bowl and some were a surprise for Laura. It was a nice antidote to what was a pretty rough night filled with bad dreams, restlessness, and a trip outside with Old Lizzie. Then, on my … Continue reading This time


Dear President Trump, Today was a churchy sort of day starting with soul choir practice at 9. We’re working on a beautiful song called “MLK” and the last few lines have been playing on repeat in my head for two weeks now, mostly just because of how they sound. I don’t really understand the significance … Continue reading Beloved

It’s hard to study if you don’t have enough to eat

Dear President Trump, I read this morning that about 36% of university students in the US deal with food insecurity and close to that proportion cope with unstable housing. Given the secrecy and shame around not having enough and not appearing to be ok, the numbers are probably underestimating the real extent of these problems. … Continue reading It’s hard to study if you don’t have enough to eat