Repairing rifts before they become chasms

Dear President Trump,

We cancelled our subscription to the NYT yesterday. It feels kind of like the now common situations where well regarded, well loved celebrities’ and politicians’ past (and sometimes current) inappropriate sexual behavior comes to light and they resign, are fired, or operate under a cloud. The NYT wasn’t sexually inappropriate but they did cross a major line in their soft-focus portrayal of a neo-Nazi. They compounded the problems by defending the article and their non-critical approach. So even though the NYT has been my go-to news source for years we are no longer supporting them. Should they do the right thing and make the needed repairs and apologies, we will consider reinstating them.

Fortunately the WP is a worthy alternative. Did you see Leigh Corfman’s letter to Moore this morning in the WP? She did a wonderful job of laying out Moore’s lies about her and demanded he stop and that he apologize. They also had a strong piece on China’s strategic international moves that are diminishing the US’s global influence and another on how you are alienating pretty much everyone in the world except right wing fascist splinter party leaders whose crap you retweet.

I also read an article about how LL Cool J is going to be honored at the Kennedy Center celebration you bowed out of attending. It’s pretty obvious you aren’t going because you don’t want to have to sit still and politely listen to people who disagree with you and who say so out loud from the stage. Most of the time we just call this chickening out. But anyway, LL Cool J is quoted as having said “In the long run, I don’t see how forgiveness and empathy can lose.” Right there are two foundational aspects of the beloved community. I would reverse the order and say that with empathy and forgiveness we will prevail, and I would add willingness to admit wrongdoing and to offer apologies as an essential third ingredient. Together these ways of meeting one another allow us to muddle along together and to strengthen our bonds by repairing rifts before they become chasms.

May we use empathy to increase everyone’s safety.
May we be happy to apologize when it’s appropriate.
May we engage in healthy forgiveness (which may mean still keeping someone at a distance).
May we come together to create little beloved communities that can spread into a global beloved community.

Tracy Simpson

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